Akamer | Hakkımızda

Who are we?

Akamer Marble is one of the leading companies operating in the Turkish Marble industry since 1990. Our basic principles are quality production, timely delivery to the customer and customer satisfaction that ensure the continuous growth of our company.

Our products are blocks, raw and polished plates, cut to measure.

It is in the form of application by our expert team in projects and all kinds of structures.

Our factory has been designed for development in order to meet high production and ever-increasing demand.

Our factory operates on a total area of ​​5,000 m2, of which 2,000 m2 is closed.

By adapting the developing technology to ourselves, we offer our experience together with natural stone products in many areas of hotels, holiday villages, business centers, villas, mansions, pools and construction sector. In addition to the well-being of our employees and the appreciation of our customers, "Competition with quality, not price" is one of our sine qua non. We strive to use the natural resources of our country and the world in the right way, by combining our suppliers, our discipline, our understanding of quality and our experience. As Alkan, we are determined to continue our activities sensitive to environment and human health with the same understanding from now on.

OUR QUALITY PRINCIPLE Updating our technology, ensuring the peace of our staff and customer satisfaction are our indispensable rules. In the last 20 years, no personnel has been fired or asked to quit, except for lack of discipline.

All personnel are seen as family members and they try to help in every way.

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